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MG University,PD Hills Kottayam-686560
HOD’s Message
Dr E Sulaiman
( (Finance), MBA(Marketing), UGC- JRF, Ph.D)
School of Management and Business Studies, Mahatma Gandhi University, for more than a two decades, has been palying a seminal role in the growth of corporate sector and management education in India. Interacting closely with the best available programmes, our faculty ensures that the enormous learning we have from contemporary research/understanding in the business environment areas is used to create cutting-edge, inter-disciplinary and solutions oriented curricula. Its industry integrated curriculum, outstanding caliber of faculty, and innovative teaching methodology have endeared it to both, students and industry. Each student is made to learn through interactive classroom sessions, research driven project work and field visits- all contribute to the making of these well-rounded individuals who are seeking to engage usefully with global development processes.
With a set of identifiable areas of domain expertise, our students have the unique advantage of appreciating the roles and contributions of different disciplines in finding solutions for complex real-life challenges. The high faculty-student ratio ensures that every student receives personal attention by enabling one to one interaction as well. The relationship is less like that of a student and a professor and more like a working group where everybody learns & grows together. We are sure that our students will bring great value to your workforce and you will, while deploying them productively in your organization, give them the opportunity to hone their skills further for the greater global good. We would, of course, at all times value any feedback that you would like to offer us.