SMBS is a strong research department in M.G University with a six-member faculty on a full time basis with a combined academic and industry experience.
Faculty members in SMBS are actively involved in conducting seminars and workshops.
The research programme seeks candidates of high caliber with strong academic background and intellectual acumen needed to make major commitment to scholarly inquiry.
Current research guides, name of scholars and their area/topic of research are given below.
Research Guide : Dr.K.Sreeranganadhan
Scholars Area/Topic of research
Mathew Joseph --
Asha. K.Moideen A Study on the Impact of Marketing Strategies in the Gold Ornaments Market of Kerala
Sreekumar.B.V A Study on the Effective Traffic Management of Roads in Kerala.
Col.G.G.Mathews A Comparative Study of Autocratic and Democratic Style of Management in Industries in Kerala.
Lekshmi Bhai.P.S The Effect of Advertisement on Consumer Beahviour and Brand Preference with Special Reference to Selected Consumer Durables in Kerala.
Asha.R.Nair A Study on Problems and Prospects of Sugar and Sugar Based Industries in Kerala.
Krishnakumar.G A Study on Human Resource Practices of Textile Mill Industry in Kerala.